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GT Visionz Production is a multimedia video production company that was founded by New York video director Kareem "Director GT" Gladden, in which commenced as a music video production company in New York early 2012, and now operating as a full service multimedia video production company in order to provide all clients the affordable, HQ media services they deserve. Through creative visual content we help our clients effectively communicate with their audience, and all at negotiable rates where they can meet the expense. By developing powerful and dynamic videos we will help you achieve attention-getting results that meet your specific goals and reach your target market. We make the most of every project from pre to post production to help with the vital development strategy necessary for effective marketing in video multimedia. We'll provide you the best quality that your budget can afford. 

About GT Visionz,

Kareem "Director GT" Gladden

Why GT Visionz?

- Because we are unreasonably ambitious and want to provide clients with the best work.

- We believe that great ideas are a decisive advantage. A great ideal can persuade the blind to suddenly see. The deaf to finally hear.

- We also believe ideas are only great when they are conceived and produced fast enough to give clients a competitive advantage.

- We welcome the impossible idea. When it comes to our clients ambitions and aspirations, we believe we can accomplish anything. Whether you need to develop a music video, plan a media shoot, capture a special event, need to have your existing footage edited, or just need to shoot an HD quality video, GT Visionz Production can provide the services you need. In addition to our in-house skills and equipment, we have collaborative relationships with a number of other independent media specialists. This allows us to provide the specific needs of your project in the most cost effective way. If you've got a story to tell or a vision to share, give us a call at 347-791-1783 or visit our Contact Us page for email submissions.


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